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Join and work with IDI. Earn up to 10% commission per order.

Affiliate Program

How Does It Work


ENROll to be our partner

We are open to working with you no matter the platform you are based on and regardless of the size of your influence. Youtuber or Blogger? Folks on Instagram or Twitter? Just join us!
FILL THE APPLICATION FORM BELOW and our team will deal with your application as soon as possible


PROMOTE with your own style

Your unique link will be provided by IDP.100% freedom when you post our up-to-date deals that suit your site.

  • Dynamic Promotional Banners

  • Special Time-limited Deals

  • Discounts for Selected Countries


EARN and monetize your site

Up to 10% COMMISSION for the total order amount will be given!

 NO MINIMUM TARGET = no suffer any stress!

 NO MAXIMUM LIMIT = higher commission rates for top performers

 SUPPORT = end-to-end assistance from a dedicated team

 OUR COOKIE DAYS = 30 days


TRACK the orders 

Orders are based in our IDI servers and, by the end of each month, we will generate a detailed list of all the valid orders that have been made by customers who entered through your site. At the same time, we will also provide you with a monitoring link of the data studio, which you can use to monitor the order data.
Do note that if cancellation is made, it will not count as a valid order. Up to the 20th of every month, we will collate the numbers of valid orders from the 1st to the last day of the previous month and then transfer the commission to you.

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