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Period: 365 days

Issue age:28 days- 90 years old

Form of Insurance Policy: Digital

Fee:  US$ 0.00

Product Description

Aviation Accident Insurance covers accidental death or injuries resulting from an aircraft accident. Keep in mind that these are not usually covered by ordinary travel insurance, therefore, obtaining Aviation Accident Insurance is highly recommended. It is especially helpful for those who do not have a good life insurance policy.

Product Features


1 Year Protection

Protect Every Flight for 1 Year

Most travel insurances only protect for 1 return flight. Our Flight Accident Insurance will protect you for every flight throughout 1 year. Suitable for travelers who often fly.


FREE to Get

Original Price: US$39.90

If you order a printed version of International Driver's Permit you will get our Annual Flight Accident Insurance for FREE.


US$200,000 Coverage

Limited time offer: FREE

Maximum limit payable per person is US$200,000 for death due to an aviation accident.

 Aviation Accident Insurance Plan

Benefits Table
Maximum Limits Payable Per Person in US$

Considerations: Please note that such coverage typically excludes emergency medical evacuations and repatriation of remains. Coverage for such incidents must usually be purchased separately or fall under a separate emergency medical evacuations and repatriation of remains benefit. 

Insurance liability: Please read the "Aviation Accident Insurance Applicable Terms" and pay special attention to the "Exclusion of Liability" section of the terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy 2 flight accident insurance for the same person?

——The maximum accident insurance coverage for each insured during the same insurance period is USD200,000, and overinvestment is invalid.

2. ​ What if my international driver's permit reservation canceled?

——Your Flight Accident Protection would be canceled when your international driver's permit reservation canceled.

3. ​ How to claim for Aviation Accident Protection?

——Contact AXA insurance company as soon as possible.

There are two ways: mail to or call 0086 10 84685628 (support English). You’ll need to send the claim documentation to help us make confirmation of responsibility.

After determining the amount of compensation, AXA will transfer to the insured’s or beneficiary's bank account directly.

Claim documentation that may be required:

1) Fill out the claim form

2) A certified copy of the identity document of the insured/ beneficiary

3) Receipts for insured items (such as medical, medicine and funeral expenses, etc.);

4) A certificate of the insured event(such as death certificate, etc.)

5) Any supporting documents related to your claim

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